Compensation Disclosure

J.W. Terrill managers, producers, servicers and marketers will make insurance placement recommendations to our clients that are in the best interest of that client. Our current knowledge of insurance carrier financial stability, marketplace stability, coverage options, pricing and service abilities will drive our recommendations.  Agency compensation will not enter into the criteria for coverage recommendations or coverage placement for our clients. J.W. Terrill may derive compensation from commission, override, bonus payment, contingent revenue or profit sharing compensation paid directly from an insurance carrier.

The information contained in our proposal is intended to serve only as an outline of your various insurance coverages. It is based on the exposure and/or census information you provided. To avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation as to the full scope of protection afforded, reference must be made to the respective policies for complete details, exclusions, terms and conditions of coverage. Higher limits or additional coverage may be available upon request.