Seminar Series


Date   Event Description  
January 22-25   OSHA 30 hour / Construction - Parts 1,2,3,4  
January 25   Smoking Cessation: Helping Employees Break the Habit - Webinar  
February 8   Health Care Reform Update – Webinar  
February 20   Wellness Road Map: Getting Started with a Wellness Program - Webinar  
May 11   Health Care Reform Update – Webinar  
May 22   Near Miss/Good Catch Initiative – Webinar  
May 22   Trends in Wellness - Webinar  
June 27   Guidance for Health-Contingent Wellness Programs - Webinar  
July 24   The Hazards of Sitting - Webinar  
July 26   Work Comp 101  
August 24   Best Practices for Biometric Screenings - Webinar  
September 25   Step by Step: Walking Programs at the Workplace - Webinar  
October 12   Health Care Reform Update– Webinar  
October 18   Marketing Strategies: Promoting Wellness Programs in the Workplace - Webinar  
November 8   Best in Class Safety 2.0  
December 14   Health Care Reform Update – Webinar  

Last updated:03/22/2018


What our clients say...

“Great presentation, I rarely take notes at this type of presentation but did at this one.”

“Great seminar. A lot of useful information to work with.”

“I feel everything was well prepared and relevant to our overall safety programs.”

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