Analytical Consulting

Financial Projections

  • Contribution Modelings
  • Cost Projections
  • Reserve Projections

At the initial level, a contribution analysis compares client's strategy to multiple surveys and demographic groups to provide a comparison to the marketplace. However, more in-depth analysis can be performed illustrating what the specific impact to both the employer and employee changes in the contribution strategy will have if specified strategies are employed (i.e. general % shift, salary banded contributions, etc).

With the increase in premium costs on a yearly basis, it is essential that an employer understand their population and how their health care costs are being funded. Whether it be shifting some premium cost to the highly compensated individuals via a salary banding analysis or investigating the savings potential from an overall premium contribution shift, J.W. Terrill clients can be assured all avenues will be taken to guarantee satisfaction.


J.W. Terrill prides itself on having many of its clients for a long period of time. With this great rate of client retention, J.W. Terrill has had claims history and other client data over a significant stretch. This allows J.W. Terrill to help their clients predict claims cost, premium costs, and overall costs not only for the upcoming plan year, but a few years into the future. By utilizing this personal history as well as national and regional matching demographic data, J.W. Terrill prepares their clients for upcoming renewal in order to begin the budgeting process. This is not just a service for older, existing clients, however. J.W. Terrill has the ability to use their projection models to help newer clients achieve their budget needs to ensure their business continues in a positive direction.

To protect the risk of self-funded clients, J.W. Terrill recommends building a reserve pool of money to pay for any claims that may occur outside of a contract year. Utilizing claims history and other trends, J.W. Terrill analyzes the amount of money needed to ensure a client has sufficient funds in keeping with their business objectives to pay for any unpredictable claims.