Analytical Consulting

Plan Benchmarking

J W. Terrill places great emphasis of their consulting services on the ability to help their clients with the best benefit plan to suit their needs. J.W.Terrill's analytical consultants provide several levels of predictive modeling and industry benchmarking data to ensure their clients are financially prepared for their upcoming plan year.

Plan Evaluation Scorecards give the client an opportunity to weigh in on the components of their benefits that need the most attention so they can provide the most fulfilling environment for their employees. With the rising cost of employer-provided healthcare, alternate funding and contribution solutions are a must to explore the options our client's need to get the most from their benefit dollar. With over 35 years in the consulting marketplace, J.W. Terrill possesses the tools and the answers for your benefit needs.

J.W. Terrill uses a statistical model that reviews core design features and provides easy to use scoring on
a 1-5 basis. 1 being well below marketplace and 5 well above. The information is gathered using a robust benchmarking database with over 5000+ employers worth of data that range over 15 core industry categories. Provides an easy to understand benefit offering evaluation which enables the discussion of why an employer offers benefits, how they want to compare to the marketplace, and which areas they can reduce costs or improve benefits.

Annual scores are catalogued and compared to provide a picture of where the group was/is and provides a discussion point for clients during pre-renewal on what areas of their benefit plan they would like to target for improvement or change.