Analytical Consulting

Pre-Renewal Planning

  • Pre-Renewal Planning
  • Benefit Structure
  • Renewal Analysis

Terrill bases their renewal process to tailor the needs of the client and their plans. This provides a significant range of in-depth analysis based on size and complexity of the group's make up. Terrill will review claims history, vendor network discounts, vendor network access, plan design, etc. in order to provide the client with the necessary data to make informed, educated decisions about their employee benefit plan structure and funding for the upcoming plan year.

Contingent on need, the volume and depth of analysis can range quite dramatically. For example, a self-funded relationship provides greater plan design flexibility but can require a greater amount of analysis than that of a strictly fully-insured option.

Other illustrations that are used in pre-renewal strategy can include (not limited to): geo access reports, provider disruption reports, formulary analysis, claims re-pricing, discount analysis, CPT code analysis, performance guarantee analysis, PBM contract analysis, etc.


Each year, J.W. Terrill takes a look at their client's benefit plan to determine with the client that everything is as they want it to be. By studying their benchmarking report and their plan evaluation scorecard, J.W.Terrill and the client discuss the satisfaction level of their current benefit structure to take the necessary steps to either continue with their current plan or to change their options.

By changing something as little as coinsurance percentage or copay amounts, to something as large as moving to an H.S.A. or another form of employee reimbursement, J.W. Terrill works with their clients during the pre-renewal period to enhance benefits or recognize cost savings through benefit changes.

Review all solicited plans and financials

 Evaluate alternative funding options
Review network adequacy
Review vendor strengths & weaknesses
Align finalized selection with Company's unique needs During the renewal process, J.W. Terrill evaluates the needs of the group and compares vendor capabilities to ensure that those needs can be met.  Just like not all clients are the same, not all vendors are the same.  J.W. Terrill works with you to determine your needs and can recommend a vendor to best suit those based on a best price match.