Benefits Administration

Billing Consolidation

Providing valuable benefits to employees is a key component of any company's compensation package. Managing those benefits so that the company receives the greatest value for its money is an important role of the benefits staff. J.W.Terrill Benefit Administrators helps employers focus their attention on managing the benefits by assuming responsibility for the time consuming administrative tasks of delivering those benefits to employees.

Premium Billing and Reconciliation
Reviewing and reconciling each insurance company's premium billing on a monthly basis requires many hours of examining premium statements, company records and spreadsheets. J.W.Terrill Benefit Administrators will save you the time and trouble of verifying the accuracy of your premium billing through our Premium Reconciliation Service.

Through the use of our CHS Benefit Administration System, we will import all of your company's eligibility and enrollment data. A unique record will be created for each employee. The record will include the following information:

   • Social Security Number
   • Effective Date
   • Termination Date
   • Selected Coverage
   • Employee Name
   • Dependent Name(s)
   • COBRA Effective Date
   • Salary Data
   • Date of Birth
   • Date of Hire
   • COBRA Termination Date