Employee Benefit Services

With benefits comprising the largest non-payroll expense for employers, it is important to partner with a consulting firm that can offer a benefit program that meets your organization's objectives.

J.W. Terrill Benefit Services, Inc. offers complete brokerage and consulting services designed to suit the unique needs of all of our clients. Through plan design and analysis, carrier selection and implementation, renewal/contract negotiations, communication and ongoing administration assistance, we help you design a benefit plan that fits philosophies and cost objectives.

Our consulting services include:

   • Plan Design
   • Funding Mechanism Analysis
   • Plan Marketing and Renewal
   • Implementation and Communication
   • On-going Administrative Support
   • Additional Products and Services

Plan Design
Benefits plan design should be based on the unique needs of your organization. By analyzing the current plan options, reviewing employer/employee cost sharing, and utilizing comparative industry data, J.W. Terrill works with you to ensure that you are offering a competitive benefits program that fits your financial objectives.

Funding Mechanism Analysis
Exploring alternative funding mechanism becomes critical in considering cost saving alternatives. With partial self-funding, your organization can design a benefits program that may reduce costs to you and employees.

Plan Marketing and Renewal
Marketing the plan becomes an effective tool for leveraging pricing options and getting a complete picture of the best options available for your organization's benefit needs. J.W. Terrill maintains independent yet strong relationships with the leading insurance carriers. Our clients benefit from our elite status designations with the carriers as a result of our volume of business. This leverage results in better negotiating power upon renewals, faster response times for underwriting decisions, and direct access to service and underwriting support.  Being an independent brokerage firm provides you with objective recommendations that are designed to fit your needs.

Implementation, Communication, and Educational Resources
The success of your benefit plan is determined and measured by your employees who use it. In addition to working with your HR Department to get the plan installed, J.W. Terrill can conduct enrollment meetings, design enrollment materials, and act as an on-going liaison between your organization and the insurance carriers. J.W. Terrill can provide online communication support through My Benergy.com. This is an online one-stop shop for employees and their families to have 24/7 access to information on their benefit programs. J.W. Terrill provides on-going communication regarding regulations and compliance. We offer seminars and educational resources to help you understand how changes in regulation impact your benefits programs and business in general.

On-going Administrative Support
J.W. Terrill is committed to helping reduce the burden of plan administration through on-going administrative services. Our Service Representatives are available to solve problems that emerge such as billing, eligibility, and claim issues.

Additional Products and Services
A benefit program is more than a medical plan. J.W. Terrill can work with you to ensure that all lines of coverage are matched with the objectives of your organization. This includes Dental, LTD, STD, Group Life Insurance, and Retirement Plans. Additionally, we offer services for Section 125 Plan Administration, COBRA/HIPAA Administration, Employee Benefit Statements and Human Resource Consulting.