Disease Management

J.W. Terrill recognizes that not all sickness and unhealthiness comes from lifestyle alone. Some costly procedures are related to a person's genetic makeup. Chronic diseases have shown to be a significant cost for employers across the board.  In conjunction with your medical plan vendor, J.W. Terrill works with employees who suffer from these chronic diseases to better manage and track the treatment of such ailments to help minimize the cost of these individuals on a long term basis.

By participating in an initial wellness assessment to identify these individuals, J.W. Terrill's Wellness Coordinator will put them on exercise and nutrition programs to help them live longer and healthier lives. Employee participation in wellness translates to an environment of healthier employees with less medical plan cost and absenteeism and a more productive and cost efficient workplace for you, the employer.



Did you know there are
health-related numbers that could literally save your life?

There are some key numbers you need to know:

 • Blood Pressure
 • Cholesterol
 • Blood Sugar
 • BMI
 • Waist Circumference
 • Body Fat Percentage

These numbers have a direct impact on heat disease, stroke and diabetes. Once you know key numbers about your health, you will be on your way to mapping out a healthier lifestyle.

Just small changes can make a big difference!