Wellness Programs

Wellness Program Services
J.W. Terrill, recognizing the long-term benefits, is an avid supporter of wellness programs. We have a Wellness Consultant on staff to assist our clients with the development, implementation and execution of wellness programs and initiatives.

Program Development
Guiding each organization every step of the way, J.W. Terrill will provide direction and coordination of efforts to create and develop a wellness program, tailored to each organization's specific needs.

Community Resources
J.W. Terrill will actively facilitate the engagement of a variety of community resources available to deliver the identified wellness initiatives, including the investigation and facilitation of insurance carrier offerings.

Wellness Newsletters
We assist each of our clients in the development of a Wellness newsletter for their employees. We use the Benergy Web Portal to provide content and efficient distribution.

Wellness/Health Fairs
Support efforts of each organization in the development of wellness fairs, including organizing on-site health screenings.

Health Risk Assessment Support
J.W. Terrill will assist in the coordination of engaging each employer's population in the participation of completing a Health Risk Assessment to gather vital data about the employee population.



When your employees are healthy,
so is your bottom line.
J.W. Terrill
can help your company increase productivity, improve morale and dramatically reduce health insurance and medical costs.


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