Wellness Resources


Download the 2016 edition of Wellness Resources!

J.W. Terrill has taken steps to improve Wellness initiatives with their clients. With the addition of a full time Wellness Coordinator who is a registered and licensed dietitian, there are many things we offer to help your employees take control of their lifestyle practices. In addition to our own programs, Terrill works with vendors to get the latest and most effective exercise and nutrition programs so your employees can begin a road to better health.

Wellness programs have been proven to provide healthier employees which translate into lower health plan costs over time. Also included in Wellness programs are tobacco cessation programs, stress management, and chronic disease management. 


Programs and materials to aid you with your wellness initiatives

To assist our clients with their wellness initiatives, J.W. Terrill Wellness Consultants have developed a box of Wellness, a collection of tools needed to begin or enhance your organization's wellness program.


What's in the Box?
  1. Employee Interest Survey
  2. Health Fair Checklist
  3. ... and more!

A J.W. Terrill Wellness Consultant is available to guide you in the use of these materials.