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Captive Alternatives

J.W. Terrill provides an objective analysis of captive alternatives for a variety of exposures. Whether you’re looking for a different approach to casualty insurance or to reign in healthcare spending, J.W. Terrill’s expertise can navigate the landscape of captive alternatives.

Unlike many captive consultants that specialize in one type of captive, J.W. Terrill can analyze all of the leading captive options for mid-market accounts including Casualty, Enterprise Risk, Employee Benefits and Property.

Program Type

Group Captive

Enterprise Risk Captives
(831B Micro-Captives)

Employee Benefits Captive

Property Captive


- Workers' Compensation,
- General Liability
- Automobile
Fund 20 uninsured business risks such as Reputational Risk, Cyber, Product Recall & Workplace Violence Medical Stop Loss for
Self- Funded Employers

Target Profile

Casualty Premiums of
$150,000 - $5,000,000
- Revenues of $40MM+
- Profits of $2MM+
- Fund up to $2.2MM of premium

- Self-Funded (or a desire to be)
- Financially stable
- Favorable Loss History
- Wellness culture
- 100-1,500 Employees

Only $10,000 minimum premium
No high hazard property

Profit Distribution Time Frame

3-6 Years 2-3 Years 1 Year 1 Year


The premier Multiline
Casualty option for best
in class companies

Fund uninsured business risks to enhance risk management with potential tax advantages Self-funded employers save significant Affordable Care Act fees and select their own claims TPA and Network The Premier Property program and leading Competitor to FM offers group purchasing, dividends and is non-assessable.


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J.W. Terrill Advantages

When selecting a broker to evaluate a captive, consider our expertise:

- We partner with the largest group captive manager with over 3,000 clients.

- Our expertise of the captive model allows us to tailor your risk and claim profile.

- We thrive on challenging casualty risks including roofing, construction, security, trucking and utility.

- Delivering a captive alternative when other brokers have failed.

- Learn how casualty loss development, reinsurance and tail impacts your captive selection and claims management strategy.

- J.W. Terrill is actively engaged with the Self-Insurance Institute of America. SIIA is the leading national association representing alternative risk. Our involvement in SIIA allows us to network with the leading captive managers and spearhead captive lobbying.

- We provide J.W. Terrill's local captive practice expertise and have access to the largest global captive manager through our Marsh & McLennan affiliation. Marsh manages 1,200 captives.

- Objectively evaluate Casualty, Healthcare and Enterprise Risk market options.

Casualty Group Captive Examples

The following examples demonstrate how captives can offer a compelling financial advantage to business owners, and why we recommend companies run the numbers.

Industry Insurance Premium Captive Premium Captive Minimum Captive Maximum Projected Captive Savings Based on Expected Losses Projected Captive Savings %*
Illinois Wood Manufacturer 290,000 200,000 68,000 282,000 149,000 51%
Building Services 2,100,000 1,320,000 400,000 1,900,000 1,060,000 50%
Utility Management 255,000 215,000 71,000 305,000 120,000 47%
Transportation Equipment 200,000 177,000 61,000 258,000 130,000 65%
Trucking Auto Liability 3,000 per unit
1,000,000 Limit
1,800 per unit
5,000,000 Limit
-- -- -- --
* Projected savings includes captive investment income

Conferences and Seminars

March 2, 2017
7:30 am - J.W. Terrill Education Center
Casualty Group Captive Seminar

Co-hosted by Wertz Welding & Tank Service and Woodard Restoration
July 12, 2017
Montana Captive Insurance Association
Taking a deep dive into evaluating the Casualty Group Captive market. How to evaluate what Casualty Group Captive to join.

Duke Niedringhaus

J.W. Terrill, a Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC company
October 8-10, 2017
37th Annual SIIA National Educational Conference & Expo

Educational Sessions:


  Duke Niedringhaus, ARM
  Senior Vice President
  Captive Practice Group Leader
  (314) 594-2622

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