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FormFire allows you and your employees to apply for coverage with any carrier online - one place, one form.

So how does it work? Simple—J.W. Terrill provides you with a unique code that allows your employees to create FormFire accounts. Employees only have to enter their medical underwriting information one time, and the information is mapped to the applications of all the major insurance carriers in Missouri and Illinois.

Because FormFire collects complete medical data, you’ll get underwritten rates, not just quotes. Simply decide which carriers you’d like to shop, and J.W. Terrill takes care of the rest. And for the next renewal, employees simply update their data online—there is no need to re-enter the data! FormFire is revolutionizing the way employees and employers apply for medical coverage.

Let us know if you would like to receive more information about FormFire or view a demonstration.

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