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Handbook Review & Development

Why would you want a Handbook Review?

Employment laws are constantly changing. Has your handbook kept up?

It is possible your handbook is missing some (or even many) of the policies good business practices or the law may require. A deficient handbook can be worse than not having one at all.

The Employee Handbook Review is designed to assist your organization in evaluating the effectiveness of your employee handbook. Does it include recent legislative updates for the Family and Medical Leave Act, ADA, and other fair employment laws? Have you appropriately protected your company against invasions of privacy claims in your Internet/ E-mail/ Electronic Media Usage policy? Does your handbook support an affirmative defense position should you receive a claim of harassment?

Our review process includes:


Your Employee Handbook is more than just a policy manual.

An employee handbook serves many purposes - namely,  it outlines your company's expectations, policies, and work rules. A properly written and organized handbook, however, can do much more. What tone does your handbook set for employees? Is it viewed as a positive marketing piece - introducing your company to new employees, instilling their desire to be a part of your team - or is it simply a review of the "thou shalt not's?" With employee retention at the top of the list of "must have's" for successfully managing a company, a good employee handbook is a must!

Our five-step approach to preparing your Employee Handbook includes:

We also provide complimentary annual updates as necessary. If your employee handbook is not an effective communication tool for your managers and employees, let us assist you in creating a book that meets your company's needs.

To discuss how our Handbook Development program can benefit your organization, please contact one of our consultants at 314-594-2700, or request more information.


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