Compliance Consulting

What We Do

Expert Advice and Support

J.W. Terrill’s Compliance Consulting Department is well-equipped to assist clients with issues they face employing, managing and providing benefits to their workforce. The strength of the Department is its broad perspective, which is invaluable as businesses seek to balance Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance with budgets and employee management.

Our Compliance Consulting Department is comprised of two teams: Benefit Compliance Attorneys and HR Consultants. Our attorneys are well-versed in ACA, ERISA and HIPAA compliance and advise our clients on the legal obligations implicated by their benefit plan. Our HR Consultants consult with our clients on a project basis to help them strategically comply with the myriad employment laws and manage the practical impact of organizational policies.

This in-house expertise distinguishes J.W. Terrill’s benefit services and allows J.W. Terrill to be a better business partner with its clients.