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Academic Institutions

Solutions created specifically for Academic Institutions

J.W. Terrill has a team of professionals dedicated to providing superior service to Academic Institutions.  Whether your organization is a K-12 private school or a public or private College or University, J.W. Terrill understands your unique challenges and has the expertise and resources necessary to exceed your expectations. Our employee benefit and property & casualty risk management solutions are designed with your Institution's specific requirements in mind.

J.W. Terrill earns the trust and respect of clients by understanding the industry, by listening and learning about your specific constraints and objectives, by helping to create a strategic approach to your risk management needs and by following up on each task and project with unparalleled attention to detail. J.W. Terrill has developed very strong relations with a broad spectrum of insurance markets and has established an outstanding reputation as a tough, but fair advocate on behalf of our clients. J.W. Terrill leverages this goodwill along with our size to negotiate the most favorable financial and service terms available in the market.

Our commitment to Academic Institutions translates to unsurpassed advantages for our clients. Whether your organization is in need of assistance with its employee benefits program or its property & casualty programs, our knowledge, expertise, resources and enthusiasm make J.W. Terrill your best choice!

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