Industry Focus

Real Estate

Understanding Your Industry

The real estate industry can be difficult to insure.  Availability of product is often scarce and expensive, and the true risks sometimes go undetected.

Whether you own or operate habitational or commercial real estate, your exposures can vary greatly from one property to another. In addition to standard liability and property coverages, professional liability, discrimination issues, and other significant exposure exist. Our professionals will work one-on-one with you to identify these exposures and develop a comprehensive program to meet your coverage needs at a competitive cost.

Buying Power

The insurance marketplace is tightening. Real estates properties are becoming more difficult to insure at a reasonable cost. 

With over 28 years of experience, J.W. Terrill has gained significant leverage in the marketplace and has the clout and expertise to deliver the appropriate product at a fair price, even in a tightening market.

We enjoy outstanding relationships with all the major carriers. If needed, our experts are proficient at exploring new markets and new products to meet your needs.

Additional Coverage

J.W. Terrill also provides complete lines of other insurance products and services.

You can actually reduce losses and manage your claims more effectively through our Risk Management and Loss Control department. Our loss control experts will develop customized programs for all of your risk and safety management needs.

J.W. Terrill's Employee Benefits Services Group offers complete benefit solutions. We will work with you to assess, develop, and administer comprehensive employee benefit programs.

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