Risk Management

Loss Control

  •    Consultation   
  • Loss Control Profile
  • Program Analysis
  •     Seminar Series    
  • Claims Analysis/Exp Mod Rate
  • Compliance/Mock OSHA Audit
  •   Employee Training  
  •    Fleet Safety   
  • General Liability
  • Property Loss Control

We offer dedicated risk management consultants to assist our clients with making day-to-day decisions related to their safety and health program. As a group we are industry licensed and certified (CSP and ALCM), hold advanced education degrees, and have expertise in a variety of areas including construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

With our background and knowledge, we can provide your organization with safety and health consultation that focuses on cost-effective solutions that will impact many aspects of your business. We provide customized services to meet your needs and help you achieve optimum performance.

Areas addressed by our consultants include:

  •    • Regulatory Compliance
  •    • Return to Work Options
  •    • Efficient Safety Committee Structures
  •    • Accountability and Recognition Programs

Developed through face-to-face interviews and on-site observations, this tool helps us gain an understanding of client operations, challenges you may face, and exposures and controls currently in place.

The loss control profile is utilized as part of the marketing process for your insurance program allowing us to “tell your story” to the underwriter and proactively address potential concerns. This enhances our role as a client advocate in the marketplace.

Additionally, this information is used to develop customized service plans to address the needs of the client with agreed upon objectives and action items.



Whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing plan, your safety program should be more than a compliance manual. We strive to create safety manuals to function within your everyday production.

Program analysis focuses on a wide variety of areas including hiring practices, regulatory compliance, high-risk jobs and “problem areas”, claims management and accountability programs.

The process of program analysis includes interviews with key “safety” people familiar with the company’s safety program, document review and final report outlining the current safety practices, any areas of concern and recommended service plan.



Providing our clients with topical information is just one way we provide added value to the products and services we offer. We feel one of the best methods for delivering information to our clients is through the seminar format.

Topics Include:

  •      • OSHA 10-Hour for Construction and General Industry
  •      • Competent Person: Fall Protection
  •      • Fleet Safety
  •      • Accident Investigation
  •      • Contractual Risk Transfer

For additional information please see our Seminar Series calendar or contact your loss control consultant.



More companies are focusing on this one important number. If you are equipped with the knowledge of how to read and interpret your experience modification worksheet, you will have one more tool to use in your quest to manage and improve your safety and health program.

Areas of focus include:

  •       • Current Mod
  •       • Lowest Possible Mod
  •       • Controllable Mod – Opportunity for Cost Reduction

Claims analysis is a large part of understanding your experience modification rate. A simple “look back” to explore your claims with detail by policy year, type of injury, frequency and severity will allow you to see where your safety program is working and where you may need to focus more attention.


Regulatory compliance is a necessity in doing business. We can assist you with program, policy and procedure development as it relates to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This procedure involves a thorough review of your written safety programs and facility audit.







Providing your employees with knowledge is crucial to your safety program’s success. We work with the client to format customized educational sessions for supervisors and production employees.

Topics include:

  •       • Cost of Workers Compensation
  •       • Defensive Driving
  •       • Supervisor Accountability
  •       • Running Effective Safety Committees

We also provide regulatory compliance training. These topics include:

  •       • Forklift Safety
  •       • Lockout Tag-out
  •       • Hazard Communications
  •       • Excavation Safety

One of the leading causes of workplace fatalities is driving. Regardless of whether the work is at a construction jobsite, inside a manufacturing facility or personal; safe driving should be a priority within your safety program. Safe driving translates directly into lower workers' compensation premiums, improved employee morale, higher quality workmanship, greater productivity and a competitive advantage.







No matter what business you are in, the potential for liability exists in every aspect of your operations. Liability loss can cause financial loss, damage your reputation and affect your ability to compete. We can work with you to ensure you have proper controls in place to protect you from general liability claims.






J.W. Terrill offers property loss control services to assist in identifying and managing risk posed by man-made and natural perils affecting all of your locations.

There are a variety of property loss exposures including fires, tornados, floods and machinery breakdown. They are all unpredictable and have a potential for dramatically impacting all of your business functions.

Property loss control plans include actions for staying in business with minimal interruptions. We can work with you to reduce or eliminate your property losses through implementation of a thorough loss control program which may include:

  •       • Hot Work Program
  •       • Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection Equipment
  •       • Emergency Response



Did you know...

Our risk management staff is authorized OSHA outreach trainers for OSHA 10 hour courses in both general industry and construction.

This course is a great way to improve workplace safety and maintain regulatory compliance (avoid fines and lawsuits).