Whether you’re an all-out motorcycle enthusiast or someone who likes to take an occasional ride now and then, J.W. Terrill understands the culture and provides insurance for both the expert and the beginner.  We insure both factory-built and custom-built motorcycles.

We also understand that whether you’re a trail rider, rancher, or hunter, you want coverage for your all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, in case it’s stolen or badly damaged.  Proper ATV insurance coverage can help protect your investment. Many states require ATV insurance for vehicles operated on state-owned land, and your homeowners policy might not cover you if you ride off your own property. That’s why ATV insurance coverage is especially important.  

In addition to motorcycles and ATVs, J.W. Terrill can also insure:

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Did You Know...

Taking a safety course can save money on the insurance policy.

If you own an ATV, insurance is needed if it is used for purposes other than maintaining your property or if the ATV is operated away from the property.

Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%. In a motorcycle crash, an unhelmeted rider is 40% more likely to die from a head injury than someone wearing a helmet.