Personal Liability Umbrella

Personal Liability Umbrella insurance helps protect your assets from liability claims resulting from unforeseen accidents. Your underlying policies (auto, home, yacht, etc.) provide liability coverage, but what if the damages exceed those limits?  Your hard-earned possessions could be at risk if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property and you are being sued.

You may be at risk in the following areas. If you’re not sure if you have enough liability coverage to protect your assets if a large claim or lawsuit is brought against you, consider these questions:

You have no way of knowing when a claim against you or a family member will exceed the liability limits of your auto or home insurance policies.  For example, if a guest in your home slips and falls down the stairs, causing a serious or disabling injury, you could be liable for those injuries beyond the coverage on your homeowners’ insurance policy.  The solution, and peace of mind, is a Personal Liability policy.

J.W. Terrill’s personal insurance experts will discuss, with you, the area’s you may be at risk and will develop a policy that suits your needs and your hard-earned possessions.

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Did You Know...

In the event of a lawsuit, your personal assets and potential future earnings could be at risk. If your auto and homeowner’s policies do not provide enough protection, your wages could be garnished.