Valuable Articles

Your Homeowner’s policy provides limited coverage for your valuable articles.  J.W. Terrill will help determine if your policy should be endorsed or if a separate policy would be beneficial, ensuring your valuables and collections are properly insured against loss or theft.  The type of property eligible for this coverage includes property associate with family and home life.  Specifically:


J.W. Terrill appreciates the dedication it takes to build a unique collection.  With our assistance, you can choose an overall coverage limit or insure items individually.  In the case of a wine collection, features would include coverage for spoilage due to mechanical breakdown of climate-controlled systems.

The above classes of property represent those most frequently insured on a schedule.  Scheduling allows for property to be covered for an agreed value, based upon relevant documentation such as a current appraisal or sales receipt.

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Did You Know...

Scheduled items are not subject to a deductible.

Items can be insured as Agreed Value – this amount is determined by the insured and insurer with appraisals and receipts.