Minimizing Risks. Maximizing Results.

Educating educators on the value of a self-insured group benefit program.

When a public school district considered leaving a purchasing group due to increasing group health insurance costs and explore self-insurance options, J.W. Terrill provided guidance at every step resulting in a plan that is on target to save the district $1.2 million in the first two years.

J.W. Terrill partnered with the district’s finance department, board of education, plus teachers union representatives to:

> Help educate the District’s Administration, Insurance Committee and Board of Education regarding the merits of the self-insurance options;

> Cultivate a positive relationship with insurance carriers to design and implement competitive self-insurance benefit packages;

> Consolidate life and disability insurance programs, resulting in a 10 percent reduction in premiums;

> Assist the district with the selection and implementation of an electronic enrollment system, designed to improve both the employee experience and the administrative processes.

After helping this school district navigate the complexities of self-insurance, J.W. Terrill continues to offer ongoing program consultation and responsiveness to everyday needs.



“J.W. Terrill did much more than help us create a self-insured group benefit program. They helped us to become a thriving, self-reliant school district. Their consulting team helps us deal with the many aspects of regulatory and compliance issues, including human resource issues.”

Assistant Superintendent
of a St. Louis area school district

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