Minimizing Risks. Maximizing Results.

Pooled resources deliver more for less through a strategic consortium.

Pressed by budget constraints, a group of St. Louis cultural institutions wanted to pool its resources in an effort to lower its insurance premiums. J.W. Terrill was selected as the consultant for this project, and partnered to develop a strategic plan to create health insurance purchasing efficiencies while allowing each institution to prioritize its individual needs. This collaborative partnership resulted in:

> Premiums savings of 25 percent in the first year and an estimated $10.3 million in savings within six years;

> Comprehensive supplementary benefit programs, including Wellness initiatives, to positively impact their group benefit results and lower employee premiums;

> A seamless J.W. Terrill collaboration with the consortium members to deliver ongoing benchmarking data, compliance information, and expertise to maintain competitive benefit offerings irrespective of marketplace conditions;

> A multi-layered communication plan introducing Consumerism— resulting in increased employee engagement in their individual benefit decision making.

This coordinated strategy shared by separate institutions with differing needs and priorities is another example of J.W. Terrill’s ability to think beyond the expected and offer unmatched expertise to help tame the cost of healthcare.



“When we wanted to control the escalating cost of insurance premiums, J.W. Terrill took a unique approach to make it happen.”

Human Resources Director
of a consortium member

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