HSA Contribution Limits

January 9, 2014

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As a reminder for those with Qualified High Deductible Health Plans, the IRS has raised the contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts. For 2014 an individual can contribute $3,300 and a family can contribute $6,550. H.S.A. enrollees age 55 or over can also take advantage of a catch-up provision and contribute an additional $1,000. Funds can be used for most out-of-pocket medical, vision and dental costs. And, of course, the dollars accumulate if they’re not spent in the calendar year, because an H.S.A. is not a “use it or lose it” plan like some employer-sponsored cafeteria plans.

H.S.A. limits are raised annually. If you’d like more information, please go to: http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Taxes/Pages/Health-Savings-Accounts.aspx or ask your J.W.Terrill consultant.

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