Medicare Part B Premiums Rise Next Year?

December 20, 2017

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CMS Medicare has announced that the standard Medicare Part B premium will remain at $134 per month in 2018. The headline is comforting for retirees, as it appears that premiums are not increasing.  But read further down the press release and one notes that for many enrollees,  42 percent to be precise, they’ll see their Medicare premiums grow to $134 because the cost-of-living adjustment to their Social Security benefit eliminates a previous hold- harmless protection that kept  their Part B premiums at or under $107 per month.

The news isn’t favorable for our higher-income Medicare enrollees, either. With a five-tier chart of premiums that rises above $134 on incomes that exceed $170,000 for married couples, roughly 10% of Medicare enrollees have paid higher Part B and D premiums for quite a few years.  The change for 2018 that’s drawing considerable notice is that the top two earnings tiers have dropped, with income thresholds more than $100,000 lower than 2017.  This puts more enrollees in higher Part B premium categories.

With most enrollees paying Medicare premiums out of their Social Security checks, these increases can go unnoticed. It pays to be informed!  For details on the premiums you’ll pay to Uncle Sam for Medicare next year, please go here: .  And, call us when you have questions on Medicare costs and coverages.

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