Is it Time for a Benefits Administration Technology Solution?

How one can enhance employee engagement in your benefits program!

January 30, 2019

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The benefits you offer your employees are valuable.

Your benefits package is also a key factor when attracting – and keeping – top talent. When employees aren’t engaged in their benefit offerings, it can lead to costly turnover and job dissatisfaction. But there is some good news. When it seems like your employees are dissatisfied with their benefits, you may not need to offer richer benefits; you just need to communicate your benefits more effectively.

To reach the modern employee, employers must adapt. Technology is now a critical component in benefits communication.

But with so many technology solutions available, where do you start? MMA can help narrow down your choices by performing a needs assessment specific to your organization to provide you a short list of benefit administration systems that could fit your requirements. Some of the advantages of a benefits administration system can include:

Employee Engagement and Education – You work hard to provide the right benefit choices to your employees – so you want to ensure they have the information they need before, during, and after enrollment. By engaging the employee – you are helping them understand how their benefits fit together and recognize the value of their total benefits package.  MMA can assist in finding the right system for your company that your employees can view benefit education, enroll in their benefits, & provides a confirmation of coverage back after enrollment decisions are made. This will allow your employees to make successful, informed benefit decisions.

Streamlining the Enrollment Process – Technology is playing a growing role in benefits enrollment – and flexible enrollment solutions are more important than ever! Innovative technology solutions make enrollment swift, simple, & successful. You will be able to provide a single source system that allows your employees to enroll in all your benefits – medical, dental, vision, core ancillary benefits, & voluntary worksite products.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent – Moving into 2019 employees desire to use their phones, computers, & tablets to obtain information about everything! Show them that your company is here to meet their needs from a benefits and communication strategy. Employees that understand their benefits and have easy and informed access to them will appreciate your willingness to provide them with a top tier benefits package and this will in turn create a positive work environment and loyal employees.

Reducing your HR staff’s Time Spent on Benefits Administration – Benefits administration can be time consuming and burdensome for your HR team. Utilizing technology to help free up time for your HR team will allow them to focus on other pressing, important HR activities and be more effective. A technology solution can drive tangible improvements to your day to day business. Some examples of this can be removing paper enrollments, implementing real time evidence of insurability decision making tools, & reduced questions from employees.

In summary – technology moves quickly and communicating your benefits can be difficult, so let a benefits administration system that is focused on streamlining your benefit education and enrollment work for you and your HR team. MMA has a consulting team focused on finding you the right technology solution to help your company, your employees, and the overall vision you are trying to achieve regarding employee engagement and understanding of the total benefits package you are providing.

Author: Vickie Ward
Vickie Ward is the Technology and Voluntary Benefits Consultant providing guidance to clients regarding the right fit for benefits administration for their company. She has over 18 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has specialized in ancillary insurance coverage throughout that time. Her focus now is providing education to employers surrounding technology and how it can help communicate benefits to their employees.

Learn more and stay in touch with Vickie Ward here!

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